Depression can feel so heavy, so overwhelming, and the person suffering with it usually feels very alone. More than that, it often causes people to feel a tremendous amount of guilt because they can’t seem to just ‘suck it up’, and get on with things like they think others are, and that just leaves them feeling like a failure. So it’s a complicated place to be once a person enters into the cycle of depression, and thinking about the kind of emotional energy they think they’ll need to get out of that cycle can often leave them feeling hopeless. Why? Because depression feels soul-sapping, and drains a person of almost all the energy they possess.

I have years of experience working with clients who’ve suffered from depression, and know that although it feels hopeless, it’s not. Not at all. I’ve witnessed these people walk forward from the grips of this painful condition to live rich and rewarding lives. Even if some people have a tendency to fall in and out of depression throughout their lives, our work together offered them the kinds of tools to use during vulnerable times so they never needed to fall so far down again.

If you’re someone who’s currently suffering from the debilitating effects of depression, whether you’re experiencing it as a direct result of a particular event that’s recently occurred, or whether it’s a condition you’ve struggled with for some time, than I may be able to help you find ways to regain a feeling of hope about your life. Together, we’ll help you build your inner strength so that you can fight this ‘demon’ so you can become free to live the rewarding life that you were meant to have.

Talk with me about the depression you’re currently experiencing, and I’ll let you know how I might be able to help.

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“When I first met Suzanne, I didn’t want to kill myself, but I didn’t want to live either. It scares me now when I think of the dark emotional place that I was living in, and for a while, I was living from one session with Suzanne to the next, and that’s what kept me going. Eventually, she helped me find meaning in my depression, and so I was not only able to discover why I was feeling that way, but she helped me find a way out – and ways that make me grateful every day that I didn’t give up completely.” B.R.

“As my therapist, the biggest difference Suzanne made is that today I feel hopeful about my life, and no longer hopeless. Thank you, Suzanne, for your compassionate and wise guidance!” D.R.

Contact me now to set up a free 15-minute telephone consultation