Relationship Issues

Relationships are complicated, no question. And if you’re reading this, you already know that. You may be feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of wanting to leave your relationship because it feels so ‘full of holes’, or you may be desperately trying to find ways to fix those holes so you can begin to feel hope the way you did in the beginning when things seemed a lot easier, and far less messy.

In either case, I’m someone who may be able to help you. I have years of experience working with couples who’ve come to my office with any number of complaints, including poor communication patterns, problems with emotional or sexual intimacy, differing parenting styles, fears of conflict in general (resulting in an ‘eggshell-walking’ syndrome), infidelity, and many others.

As an experienced therapist, I believe that it’s unlikely that you’re experiencing anything in your relationship that I haven’t worked with previously. I can also assure you that given the experience that I have, I’ll be able to quickly identify where your relationship is most vulnerable, and how that might be rectified. I will also offer you the kinds of tools that you can use in your everyday life, and ones that will provide the kind of healing that can bring your relationship to a new, and considerably more satisfying level.

Although I can’t guarantee that your relationship will survive the struggles you’re currently facing, I can guarantee that I will be a safe and empathetic person for you to bring your concerns, fears, and hopes to, and that I’ll be very committed to helping you in any way that I can.

Let me know what the issues are that you’re currently experiencing in your relationship, and I’ll let you know how I might be able to help.

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When we first came to see Suzanne, I was ready to end our marriage, but I decided to give it one last try. I didn’t have any hope that someone could help us since the issues we faced had been problems for years. But with Suzanne’s kind and caring (and sometimes firm) assistance, my husband and I now have the kind of relationship we always wanted. It was a lot of work, but we had someone we really trusted at the helm, and we couldn’t be more appreciative for her commitment to both of us.” T & T McI.

I’m a much better husband to my wife, and I’m a considerably better father, too, due to seeing Suzanne, and I thank her for that because she believed in the goodness of me – and so much so – that I began to believe in it for myself. Once I did, I was able to become the person I knew I could be. Thank you, Suzanne, for seeing beyond my poor behavior and to the person I knew I could be.” G.M.

“I’m not sure where my relationship will go over time, but I do know that I need to focus on me, and let go of needing to control the people around me, including my husband. I have tools now that I didn’t have before, and I thank you, Suzanne, for giving them to me, and for helping me through this incredibly painful crisis.” R.B.

Contact me now to set up a free 15-minute telephone consultation