Separation and Divorce

When you’ve tried everything you can to save your relationship, but nothing has worked, then you’re likely facing the painful step of separating from your partner which, if you’re married, will likely lead to divorce at some point down the road. This is a heartbreaking emotional place to find yourself in – surrounded by broken dreams, feelings of terrible loss, and perhaps even the belief that somehow you’ve failed.

The fear of the unknown also looms large, and for many people, you might believe you’ll never find another relationship like the one you’re now forced to let go of, and this is especially true if the decision to separate wasn’t yours. Or, you might feel quite the opposite: after finally making a decision to separate after struggling for a considerable amount of time with the decision – often the hardest part – you might be finding yourself looking forward to the freedom that separation will offer you, and so you might be seeing some light at the end of this long and painful journey.

But, in either case, letting go and moving forward is what you’re now facing, and if you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking for someone who can help guide you through this difficult process. I’ve helped many clients in this situation over the years, and so I may be able to help you, too.

I’m an experienced therapist who’s worked with couples at all stages of their relationships, and this includes when couples need to take the painful step of separating from one another. I also have years of experience helping couples do this when they have children to consider which, for parents in this situation, is the hardest part of the whole process.

As parents, they know their children are innocent ‘bystanders’, and consequently, they feel incredible guilt that they’ve put their children in a position where they have to upend their young lives. I can help guide you through this process, beginning with how to break the news of your separation to your children, how you can answer the inevitable questions they’ll have, and how you can help them adjust to this enormous change in their lives.

There’s a lot to consider when deciding to separate – whether you have children or not – and in knowing this, I’m committed to helping my clients carry out this transition in ways that instill hope in their own view of their future.

Let me know where you’re at in this process, and I’ll let you know how I might be able to help.

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“Suzanne, we can’t tell you how important you became to us as we walked through the terrible process of separating from each other, especially the part where we had to tell our children. Both your guidance and your experience helped us do the right thing, and ensure that we didn’t use the kids as weapons against each other. I can’t say that our kids won’t feel some repercussions as a result of our separation and divorce, but I can say that we never took our eyes off of what was most important during that process: the well-being of our children. Thank you so much for being our guide at a time when all seemed lost.” M & P. T.

“After being depressed for almost 2 years, it was time that began to accept that my marriage needed to end. I wanted to hang on, but it was killing my spirit to do so, and so I had to finally let go. Suzanne, I really appreciate how much you listened to me, supported me, and encouraged me to do what I clearly needed to do to close the door on my relationship with my wife and begin to rebuild myself once again. You’re really good at what you do, and I’m really pleased that G. referred me to you. Thank you so much.” T.R.

“I felt like a failure. This was my 2nd time around, and I still couldn’t make my marriage work. I needed Suzanne to help me see that there were things that I just couldn’t control (everything outside of me), and through our work together, she helped me identify patterns in my relationships that almost guaranteed they’d never last. I really appreciated the clarity you offered me, Suzanne…and I’ll always remember what you kept telling me: ‘we don’t know until we know, and when we know, we can’t not know’…love it! Thank so much! S.D.

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