The First Step

“Man knows much more than he understands” Alfred Adler, Psychiatrist, 1870-1937

Reaching out for psychological help can often be a difficult step to take. Some people may believe they should solve their personal issues themselves. Others may feel they have failed – or are weak – if they admit to needing any sort of professional help. Yet, when individuals find themselves feeling challenged, or even overwhelmed – in their relationships, in their jobs, or even in their more general patterns of dealing with life – they often find it useful to talk to an experienced therapist who can offer insight and guidance in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment.

There’s no question that the hardest step to take is the first one because asking for help is rarely an easy thing to do. But if you’re finding yourself experiencing the presence of seemingly unmovable blocks in your path, reaching out might prove to be one of the best steps you’ve ever taken.

What you should expect during your first appointment

During your first counselling session, I’ll attempt to gain an understanding of the reason(s) you are currently seeking therapy. I will then encourage you to talk about the sorts of challenges that you’re now facing in your life. To aid in my understanding of your situation, I will ask you a number of questions, and some of them will likely pertain to your life as it exists today; the purpose of others might be to explore the various experiences you’ve had in the past, especially those you feel are relevant to the issues you are currently addressing. Toward the end of your first counselling session, you and I will work together to develop a set of goals for therapy.

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